ICX-IMPERIAL…in a SmileBox

The digital master concept for the treatment of your patients

From 2 implants – for 2- and 3-unit interdental gaps, free-end situations and up to 12-unit bridges.

…in a SmileBox is the digital master concept for the treatment of your patients. It is based on the implantological experience of the users in combination with three-dimensional data, technical know-how and a computer simulation of the implants including temporary teeth, which already takes place in the run-up to the operation.

Thus, at the time of implantation, the user has individualized aids such as drilling templates, abutments up to the CAD/CAM-milled provisional bridge and, of course, all the required implants.

Price comparison- dental implantology & implant prosthetics of various manufacturers

A comparable concept is hard to find on the German market and almost impossible to copy. In addition, there are the FAIR total costs even for a bridge construction on 5 ICX implants. With other manufacturers, however, users have to make do without the option of an external planning proposal and/or the additional provision of the final temporary denture at a significantly higher price level compared to medentis medical GmbH.

...endless possibilities:

Fixed price for all three steps, together: from 989,- €*
* All prices plus VAT


Chronological WORKFLOW in 15 steps
This is how the future works – today.

The future of digital implantology:

Up to three MAGELLAN drilling templates & one 3D printed model

  • ICX-MAGELLAN expert planning
  • individual drilling templates, incl. Pods
  • 3D model with positioned model analogs


  • selected ICX PREMIUM implants
  • ICX-multi superstructures
  • Titanium prosthetic abutments

Finished milled temporary restoration

  • individual, prefabricated, milled, multicolor PMMA bridge
  • mouth resistant up to 6 years

ICX-IMPERIAL - Treatment concept

With the treatment concept, which consists of the modules of treatment planning with ICX-Magellan, and the use of preoperatively fabricated individual PMMA temporary restorations (ICX-Smilebridge) as well as prefabricated prosthetic components, medentis has drawn the logical conclusion from market demand and technical feasibility.