Productive - Fast and effective thanks to its features

The Vinyl convinces with precision, speed, durability and an enormous range of functions. From now on, you decide for yourself whether you want to create a monochrome or a color texture scan for your work. Decide for yourself which scanning mode suits you and your way of working best. Decide for yourself whether you want to scan with the flap open or closed. Save a lot of time with the fully automatic Z-axis. The vinyl moves the object to be scanned independently into the measuring field. This eliminates the need to screw on spacer plates, which is familiar from other suppliers and earlier smart optics models. Time that you can put to better use.

In addition to saving time, smart optics has paid particular attention to ease of use. The vinyl delivers plenty of room to work with its 180-degree opening, and the improved engine control ensures smooth and fast engine rides.

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Vinyl High Resolutionmade by: smart optics

  • Measuring field ( X × Y × Z ) mm 80 × 60 × 85
  • Camera pixel 2.8 (1.4) MP
  • Measuring accuracy (ISO 12836) up to 4 µm
  • Sensor technology Strip light triangulation with Blue-Light LED

Automatic height

Scanner accessories: