ICX-denta5® takes over the guarantee!

  • ICX-denta5® assumes the warranty for the implant and applies, for example, if the manufacturer of the implant used with the abutment restricts or refuses its warranty on the implant because the implant has been combined with an
    abutment, CAD/CAM adhesive abutment or a custom abutment.
  • As soon as you have received a written rejection from your implant manufacturer that he cannot keep the given guarantee because the implant has been provided with an abutment from
    , we will take over the guarantee.
  • You will then receive for each rejected foreign implant a
    ICX implant
    If you do not have a surgery box, we will provide you with one free of charge for the guarantee surgery.
  • Expressly excluded from this guarantee are immediate supplies.
  • This warranty is valid until revoked!!! Decisive for the claim to the warranty is the invoice date of the purchased item.


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