Two ways to the individual abutment.

1. model shipping

  • You send us your models first.
  • After detailed planning and selection of the ICX-Multi abutments to be used, our ICX-denta5 experts virtually scan and model a digital specification, which you then correct, confirm and approve.
  • Afterwards the data released by you are manufactured by us.

2. digital STL shipping

  • Design your own personal bar with your scanner software and send it to us as an STL file. We, ICX-denta5, will then mill your NEM bar for only 110,- € per implant post.
  • You no longer need to cumbersomely add bridge, tooth, bar elements, bores and simple bar attachments. Just count the implants and you have your price.
  • For only 33,- € you get your ICX bridge locator patrix and matrix to your bridge.
  • Only two-part adhesive joints.
Senden Sie uns Ihre Dateien direkt per E-Mail zu.
Auftragszettel zum Download
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Please note that you need extra instruments for the construction on ICX-multi setups: